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Search engine optimization Pricing

One time set up charge for the SEO starter package is INR 5,000.

The SEO starter package includes:

  • Researching and discovering 100 Key words related to your business
  • Based on keyword popularity statistics and your opinion, 5 keywords are selected.
  • Optimizing 5 web pages each with a keyword*, keyword-variants*and common-words* used along with the keywords.
  • Modifying your contents to include the keywords.
  • Creating custom Titles, Meta tags - Keywords and Descriptions.
  • Structuring internal links to remove broken links.
  • Keyword included folder, image and page names.
  • Appropriate using of Heading, Alt and Link tags.
  • Generate robots.txt and XML sitemap for search engines to follow.
  • Making your website in compliance with the W3C standards.
  • Submitting your website to top 3 search engines.

Search rank Improving

SRI is an ongoing process for getting your site listed top in the search results. Also you need to do it occasionally at-least once in a year to maintain your position as your competitors will be trying hard to steal your position.

The SRI starter package will cost you INR 5,000 for a month.

The SRI starter package includes:

  • Manually submitting your website in manually maintained open directories like dmoz.
  • Writing a brief description about your website and posting it in search engines
  • Online Brand Building
  • Listing in online Business directories relevant to your business
  • Creating and regularly posting in blogs and online discussion forums.
  • Google maps - listing your business locally

How many months of SRI?

Getting your website listed top depends on the importance of the key words or key phrases the site is optimized for. The below examples will make it clear.
  • Three word location specific key phrase like "Website development Trivandrum" might need only 1 month SRI.
  • Key phrase "Website development kerala" might need 2 month SRI as the no: of websites we need to compete increases.
  • Key phrase "Website development India" might need many months SRI to get your site listed top in search results.

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